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Learn about all about Appearance, Personal Branding, Responsibility, Brand Names, Social Media & Much More!

Are you interested in having a successful personal branding campaign both online as well as offline? Do you want to further your professional career and promote the positive image of success? “What is Personal Branding?” by acclaimed marketing writers Jim F. Kukral and Murray Newlands is the definitive personal branding how-to. Learn from their years of insider experience so that you too can reach success.

Who is this book for?

You are a professional seeking to enhance personal brand.

You are looking to start out in the professional world.

You have a small online presence.

You need to learn more about the importance of personal branding.

After reading this book, you’ll be armed with the knowledge of how important maintaining a strong personal brand is and how to do just that. The world is getting more and more crowded, so it’s important for you to make a strong impression in order to succeed in business.


What’s in the book?

Personal Appearance

Personal Brand Building

Customer Analysis

Using Social Media

Trend Analysis

Successful Personal Branding

Consumers are relying ever so more on the opinions of others and maintaining a strong online brand is also more important than ever.

This business-changing information is brought to you by two of the industry’s most successful personal branding analysts with years of personal experience offered to you in the pages of this brand new eBook. It’s a must-read for anyone in business.


Meet the Authors

Jim F. Kukral is a best-selling authors of multiple books on the topics of Internet Marketing, success and happiness. He consults with large and small businesses about how to generate more sales, leads and publicity on the Web. Visit JimKukral.com for more information.


Murray Newlands works with companies and individuals in developing and executing complete digital marketing strategies, including listening (social media monitoring tools), content marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and more) and outreach programs. Visit MurrayNewlands.com for more information.


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